2024.03.05 TUE & 03.25 MON
(二)(一) 19:00-21:00
大勇樓4樓 210401教室
Room210401, 4F of Da Yong Building

Lecturer: Newyellow

【 工作坊簡介 About the Workshop 】

NFT(Non-fungible token) 非同質化代幣是「註冊在區塊鏈上獨一無二的數位憑證,用以記錄藝術品或收藏品之類資產的所有權」。 數位檔案能經NFT認證為正品,使數位藝術品在虛擬世界獲得獨特價值。 它是新興倡議途徑,成為尋找志同道合者的管道,NFT具會員卡功能或作為募款收據憑證。 本活動將帶領師生探索數位藝術與創新應用,認識加密藝術領域,鼓勵師生參與展演,提升校內創作風氣,打造未來數位藝術虛擬藝廊。 上鏈工作坊會實際帶著大家將作品鑄造成 NFT,本活動優先保留給投稿徵件者及校內師生參與。


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are "unique digital certificates registered on the blockchain that signify ownership of assets like artworks or collectibles." This technology allows digital files to be certified as authentic through NFT, providing digital artworks with a distinct value in the virtual world. Emerging as a novel way to connect with like-minded individuals, NFTs can also function as membership cards or proof for fundraising efforts. This initiative aims to immerse faculty and students in the realm of digital art and its innovative applications, fostering an understanding of the crypto art space. It encourages active participation in exhibitions to cultivate a vibrant creative culture within the campus, aspiring to establish a future virtual gallery for digital art. The hands-on "On-Chain" workshop will guide participants in transforming their creations into NFTs, with priority given to contributors and the campus community.

*Participants are required to bring their own laptops.

【 講者介紹 About the Lecturers 】

藝術家 黃新

黃新擅長數位技術的實作,自 2014 年開始互動新媒體的探索,並於 2017 開始進行一系列的 AR 創作,曾多次獲得 Meta 官方國際 AR 競賽獎項,也是台灣 Meta「元宇宙培訓學院」的講師。
2021 年接觸到區塊鏈和 NFT 技術,開始進行加密藝術的創作。其 NFT 作品曾在台北當代藝術館、忠泰美術館等地展出,並曾獲 2022 akaSwap 若水藝術獎首獎、2023 華碩元宇宙數位創作競賽總冠軍。

Hsing is an artist from Taiwan who primarily works with code, software, and generative processes. He began exploring interactive new media in 2014 and created a series of AR works from 2017. He has won several official Meta global contests and is the official teaching partner for Meta Spark in Taiwan.
Since 2021, he has been engaged with blockchain and NFT technology and has been working on a series of crypto art pieces. His NFT works have been exhibited in several museums in Taiwan, including MoCA Taipei and Jut Museum. Additionally, he has won awards such as the 2022 LikeWater NFT Contest and the 2023 ASUS Metaverse Digital Creation Contest.


He, She, It : Residing in Multiple Universes Digital Creation Open Call Exhibition
2024.03.20 - 06.14
週一至五11:00-17:00,國定假日休展 | 11:00 to 17:00, Closed on National Holidays
藝文中心4樓 藝心長廊
Yi-sin Gallery, 4F of NCCU Art & Culture Center

NFT Blockchain Workshop
2024.03.05 & 03.25
大勇樓4樓 210401教室
Room210401, 4F of Da Yong Building
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Lecture: Experience and Guide of Digital Creation
藝文中心2樓 數位藝術中心
Digital Art Center, 2F of NCCU Art & Culture Center
講者:黃新、吳哲宇 | Lecturer: Newyellow / WU Che-Yu
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