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  The Battle with My Father

The Battle with My Father is a story about risking life to chase the image of the dead father in a storm. The Battler with My Father is a work that brings both joy and sorrow, filled with the emotions of missing the father and conversations with the deceased father. Artist Liu Kuan Hsiang’s explorations of the theme of life and death and the intense emotional impacts leave a strong impression in the minds of viewers.

This is work about the circle of dreams, memory, and longing that marks death as the beginning of the story and the end of the narrative. Originally perceived as a process of yearning, mourning, and recalling memories of a hero, the work turns out to be a last duel with the late father.

The Battle with My Father is presented with the unique performance form of theater. Through separated plot narrative, generation gap, funny dialogues, body gestures with mixed styles, and nonsensical symbolic media, such as sounds and soundtracks, to express the intensity of the sentiments towards the father.

  編舞、聲音設計、舞者 | Choreographer, Sound designers, Dancer  

劉冠詳 | Liu Kuan-Hsiang


臺北藝術大學舞蹈系畢業後,加入驫舞劇場,自2011至2016年與驫舞劇場多次合作發表多支舞作。2014《 英雄 》以逝去的父親為主題,為首次嘗試編作長篇舞作;2015《 兩對 》受邀參加首屆墨西哥國際藝術節;2016《 我知道的太多了 》獲羅曼菲舞蹈獎助金支持,於雲門劇場首演,該舞作以母親在安寧病房過世前八個月的囈語錄音,作為配樂的素材,強烈的表現力道,觀眾深受震撼。《 我知道的太多了 》亦獲得2017年第十五屆台新藝術─表演藝術大獎。同年亦入選歐陸年輕編舞家網絡平台,4月於丹麥演出。同時入選北京「舞蹈十二天」7月於北京國家大劇院遊戲場演出。

2016~2017連續兩年獲選雲門「創計畫」支持創作,2017年最新舞作《 棄者 》企圖挖掘最赤裸原始的人心。劉冠詳除了編舞之外,他承襲家族( 阿公為爵士樂手 )血緣裡聽覺敏銳的特質,拜師學習編曲技巧,為舞作親自設計配樂,因此他作品裡的聲音設計總是獨一無二,敏銳、動人,直指人心。

Winner of the 2017 Taishin Performing Arts Award and one of the most internationally promising independent Taiwanese choreographers.

After graduating from the Dance Department of Taipei National University of the Arts, Liu Kuan Hsiang joined the Horse Dance Theatre and participated in multiple performances with the Horse Dance Theatre from 2011 to 2016. In 2014, work The Battle with My Father was themed around his late father and his first attempt to create a longer piece of choreography. The 2015 Duet was invited to participate in the first International Art Festival of Mexico, and in 2016, Kids received the support from Lo Man-Fei Dance Fund to present its first performance in Cloud Gate Theater. Kids uses recordings of the murmurings of the artist’s mother while she was in hospice care eight months before she died. These recordings were used as materials for background music, and the powerful performance has an intense effect on viewers. Kids was awarded the 15th Taishin Performance Art Award in 2017, and Liu Kuan-Hsiang was named by platform “Aerowaves Spring Forward.” Liu Kuan Hsiang performed on stage in Denmark in April and was one of the artists to perform in “Chinese Dance for Twelve Days” at the National Center for Performing Arts the Beijing in July.

Liu Kuan-Hsiang was supported by Cloud Gate’s Art Maker’s Project for two years in a row in 2016 and 2017. Liu’s 2017 work Karma investigates the authentic and naked human condition. Apart from choreography, Liu inherited the family’s sharp auditory senses (Liu’s grandfather is a Jazz musician) and learned to compose music from professionals so that he could design the music for his works. Therefore, Liu’s works include unique and sensitive sonic design that touches the hearts of audiences.

  舞者 | Dancer  

余宛倫 | Yu Wan -Lun



  • 2016 Carmen Rafaelle Lauwers、TheMoodStudio 《 Anterwerp works 》於安特衛普MAS博物館演出。
  • 2015 兩廳院1+1雙舞作─何曉玫《 假裝 》、劉彥成《 最高的地方-大家都同款 》、張建明《 黑洞 》、外亞維儂藝術節、高雄衛武營玩藝節、d’MOTION國際舞蹈節三個舞蹈節中演出再劇場作品《 再見吧!!兔子 》。
  • 2014 WDA Global Summit 許程崴《 想去的地方 》、德國 No Ballet 國際編舞比賽《 房間 》、西班牙BETA PUBLIC 及下一個編舞計畫III演出再劇場作品《 再見吧!!兔子 》。
  • 2013 兩廳院1+1雙舞作─何曉玫作品《 親愛的 》、新人新視野 舞蹈篇《 一個房間 》、北京國際芭蕾舞技編舞比賽 《 無處 》、哥本哈根國際編舞大賽《 房間 》。

Graduated from the Dance Department of Taipei National University of the Arts. Yu is currently a freelance dancer and performer who has collaborated with various artists throughout recent years. Yu experiments with different art forms to develop different performance styles.

  • 2016 Carmen Rafaelle Lauwersm, TheMoodStudio Anterwerp works was presented at MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) in Antwerp.
  • 2015 National Theater and Concert Hall 1+1 Dance: Ho Hsiao-mei’s Camouflage, Liu Yen-Cheng’s The Highest Place – All the Same, Chang Chien-ming’s Black Hole, and participated in the performance of Tschüss!! Bunny in Avignon OFF, Weiwuying Arts Festival, and d'MOTION International Dance Festival.
  • 2014 Hsu Chen Wei’s A Wonder Place at WDA Global Summit, A Room at NO BALLET International Choreography Competition, and Re-Theatre’s Tschüss!! Bunny at Spain BETA PUBLIC and Next Choreography Project III.
  • 2013 National Theater and Concert Hall 1+1 Dance: Ho Hsiao-mei’s My Dear, Young Stars, New Vision / Dance One Room, Nowhere at Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, and A Room at Copenhagen International Choreography Competition

♦《 英雄 》  演出取消  /cancelled  
  • 地點:藝文中心視聽館
  • 編舞:劉冠詳
  • 舞者:劉冠詳、余宛倫
  • 製作經理:楊舒涵

♦ The Battle with My Father

Thu. 14 Dec. 2017
  • Venue: Audiovisual Theater, NCCU Art & Culture Center
  • Choreographer: Liu Kuan-Hsiang
  • Dancers: Liu Kuan-Hsiang, YU, Wan-Lun
  • Project Programmer: Yang Shuhan


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