FACES: NFT創作徵件計畫 |


【 徵件 】

即日起至2023.02.17(五)(延期至 02.21收件截止)

【 活動目的 】


【 活動說明 】

本展採全校徵件,校內成員皆可參與。本次徵件不限NFT製作方式,期望透過NFT創作、展示、典藏來探索其互動特性,揭開NFT的神秘面紗,非 NFT 的作品也可參與徵件,本次徵件活動會有上鏈工作坊,會實際帶著大家將作品鑄造成 NFT,歡迎有興趣的校內師生人員參與展覽作品徵選。展覽預計舉行於政大藝文中心四樓藝心坊之藝文走廊。

【 創作主題 】


FACES: Call for NFT Works |

How should we see ourselves and make ourselves seen in the digital world?

【 Open Call 】

From now till Tue 21 February, 2023

【 Event objective 】

One: Promote creativity within the university and encourage students to participate in presentations
Two: Encourage students and faculty to join in exploring innovative ways of incorporating digital art to gain an understanding of crypto art.
Three: Allow education about digital art and virtual galleries to enrich the scope and variety of the NCCU Art and Culture Center's collection.

【 About the event 】

This event is open to the entire campus; all members of the university are welcome to submit their work. This event is not limited to works created with NFT production methods, but also hopes to explore the interactive qualities of NFTs and lift their shroud of mystery through the creation, display, and collection of NFTs. The event also welcomes non-NFT works and will include a chaining workshop that will guide participants in the transformation of their works into NFTs. All NCCU students and faculty members are welcome. An exhibition is scheduled to be held in the art corridor of Yi-Sin Studio on the 4th floor of the NCCU Art & Culture Center.

【 Creative themes 】

Imaginary faces, facial expression, self-image, mask, first impressions, looks, and the concepts mentioned above.

FACES: NFT創作徵件計畫
FACES: Call for NFT Works
From now till Tue 21 February, 2023
活動公告 Information
《FACES: NFT創作徵件展》Faces: Call for NFT Works | Open Call Exhibition
週一至五11:00-17:00,國定假日休展 | Mon. - Fri., 11:00 to 17:00, Closed on National Holidays
藝文中心 4F 藝心長廊
Yi-Sin Gallery, 4F of NCCU Art & Culture Center
《FACES: NFT創作徵件展》上鏈工作坊 | Open Call Workshop
(四) | 19:00-21:00 Thu 9 March, 18:00-20:00 Wed 15 March
大勇樓4樓 210401
Room210401, Da Yong Building 4F
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講座:生成藝術的收藏與鑑賞 | Lecture: Appreciation and Collective Guide of Generative Art (NFT)
(四) 19:00-21:00 | Wed. 19. Apr. 2023
藝文中心4樓 藝心坊
Yi-Sin Studio, 4F of NCCU Art & Culture Center
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講座 3.15工作坊 3.09工作坊 活動公告