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民族誌影展總覽 Overview

3/09(五) 19:00- 20:40

There Once was an Island

3/15(四) 19:00- 20:50

Eye on the Left
- News Cameramen's Reality

《寄藥包》 The Delivery Man

3/21(三) 19:00- 20:20

Mothers 15 Cents a Minute

3/29(四) 19:00- 20:40


On The Road
- Behind the Scenes, Director’s Cut

4/11(三) 19:00- 20:40

Claude Lévi - Strauss, Return to the Amazon

4/24(二) 19:00- 20:40

Please Don’t Beat Me, Sir!

4/30(一) 19:00- 20:20

Yak Dung




  • 主辦單位:社團法人台灣民族誌影像學會
  • 合辦單位:藝文中心
  • 協辦單位:民族學系、政大書院
  • 放映地點:藝文中心3樓視聽館
  • ※每場安排映後座談。
  • 民族誌影展官方網站:http://www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw/ch/2011/

⟩ 2012 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
The Host: Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography
Organizer: Art & Culture Center
The Co-organizer: The Department of Ethnology, Chengchi college Project Office
official website of 2011 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival: http://www.tieff.sinica.edu.tw/ch/2011/
Venue: Audiovisual Theater on the 3rd floor of the Art & Culture Center
※The informal discussion will be held after the movie is shown.





這次在政大巡演的影片包括本屆影展主題導演龍男‧以撒克‧凡亞思的《很久沒有敬我了你─紀錄片導演版》、許多人向隅而要求播映的影展閉幕片《重返憂鬱的熱帶》、具震撼力又叫好的《消失之島》、討論殖民後遺症的《請別打我,長官!》、西藏生活不可或缺的同名影片《牛糞》、反思臺灣新聞製作的《睜開左眼》、描寫臺灣舊有行業的《寄藥包》以及遠在國外的媽媽如何照顧孩子的《一分鐘6塊錢的媽媽》,相當多元,而且好看。 一般人沒有辦法到世界各國實際體驗不同的社會文化,但只要抱持一顆開放的心,透過民族誌影片的觀看、討論,我們可以看見文化的他者,擴大我們的視野,豐富我們的心靈,進而對我們自己進行反思,以創造一個多元包容、平等自在的台灣社會。

The Cultural Other
LAN, Mei-hua
(Associate Professor of the university's Department of Ethnology and the Chief Executive Officer of Chengchi college Project Office 、 the Chairman of Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography)

The Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography's biennial “Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival” selects roughly 30 films out of several hundred from around the world to be shown in Taipei . Last October, the association organized the sixth film festival under the theme of “ Su ffering and Rebirth”, hoping to invite the audience to a multi-cultural investigation of survival practices for the suffering encountered when dealing with human societies, natural environments and supernatural worlds. Meanwhile, different groups of people will also seek the opportunity and possibility of rebirth under different sufferings.

In addition to the central theme, outstanding New Vision films completed within the last two years are also given an opportunity to be screened in the festival if they are selected. Each year, films submitted under this category are central theme films. As usual, after the film festival is over, the association will put some of the films on a screening tour in various cities and counties in Taiwan , so as to allow more people to appreciate the extraordinary films and share/discuss with one another according to the different themes. Although previous screening tours excluded Taipei , it was included in this year's program due to the feedback from the audience.

The films on tour at NCCU include director-in-focus Lungnan Isak Fangas' “ On The Road - Behind the Scenes, Director's Cut”; “Claude Lévi - Strauss, Return to the Amazon”, the closing film of the festival, which was highly demanded by those who have missed out; the awe-inspiring and acclaim ed “ There Once Was an Island”; “Please Don't Beat Me, Sir!”, which discusses the aftermath of colonialism; “Yak Dung”, showing an essential part of life in Tibet; “Eye on the Left - News Cameramen's Reality”, which reflects on the Taiwanese news industry; “The Delivery Man”, which depicts the Taiwanese traditional industry of drug delivery, and “Mothers of 15 Cents a Minute”, which portrays how a mother can look after her children from a distance. The wonderful diversity of the films makes them highly viewable.

Ordinary people are unable to travel to different countries in the world to experience different social culture; however, if one can maintain an open heart, through viewing and discussing ethnographic films, we will be able to see the cultural other, expand our vision, enrich our souls and, in turn, examine ourselves to create a diverse, embracing, equal and free Taiwanese society.

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